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We are a sanctuary for the soul, a holistic spiritual retreat that incorporates the Inca worldview, entheogenic plants, and the science behind altered states of consciousness. Our mission is to assist you on your spiritual and healing journey, with Mother Nature, PACHAMAMA, as our primary and most trusted guide. With over 11 years of experience connecting thousands of individuals to the heart of Cusco, we stand as the sole providers of ceremonies involving entheogenic plants in the sacred Inca temples of power, also known as SACRED HUACAS.

Qosqo, the true name meaning “navel of the world,” is where these temples of power are located. Here, the vital energy vortices of the planet offer us the opportunity to access information about the origins of creation and consciousness. These sacred sites, known as huacas of power, serve as oracles and earth’s wombs where telluric energies converge and interact with our genetic makeup. They possess the ability to awaken the ancestral memory dormant within each of our cells.

These temples of power, with a history spanning thousands of years, are dedicated to guiding, healing, and enlightening the seekers who strive for harmony with life itself. Enteogenos Peru will lead you on a profound journey into the depths of your soul, connecting you with the heart of Cusco and unveiling knowledge preserved for eons by our Incan ancestors and ancient Peruvian cultures.

The Incan Solar path, known as QAPAQ  NAN, represents a path of wisdom and consciousness leading to the awakening of Wiracocha, the creator God for the Incas. Our retreat immerses you in Andean cosmology, mystical entheogenic plants, meditation, ancestral ceremonies, initiations, pilgrimages to sacred Huacas and temples of power, yoga, Andean sacred geometry, dance, sound baths, and various other transformative activities.

Through our advanced technology, including Bio-Well and Sputnik Sensor devices, we are able to analyze the electromagnetic and light field activities of the environment and your body. This provides us with detailed insights into your personal journey with us, offering a scientific approach to understanding your homeostatic and energetic rhythms. Additionally, we have successfully treated individuals with various medical conditions and neurodegenerative diseases, thanks to the innovative devices developed by leading biophysical scientists and doctors.

Join us on this profound spiritual experience where shamanism, the Andean Tradition, and science converge to expand your consciousness and redefine your perception of reality. Embrace the chakana symbol as a bridge to quantum worlds and a gateway to deeper understanding of your soul’s origins, mission, and purpose in life.


Our Team

Stephano Gutierrez Manrique: The fact of being around the city in Lima Peru where I was born and raised there with a very humble family full of love and with a slightly orthodox belief like Christianity, studying and working with things that really makes you feel false , identified by a certified profession or personal card, forcing me to turn everything in a dual world that took me to the competition, because if you are not the best, for society you are nobody, I studied management of Hotels and Restaurants, i was “Flair Bartender” ( Barmanshow) For many years, I was in bars, nightclubs parties both in Argentina and in Peru, I had a pretty crazy life, until I reached a point of being absorbed by it self, my life took a 360 flip as I went through the Darkest stage of my life a strong decision that my family made to be able to change it, a place where you touch madness and the only salvation is your own belief, spend 365 days in a sanitarium , where I had psychological and all kinds of psychiatric treatments, because nothing could be against the energies that controlled my mind, I ended up having suicidal thoughts, I decided to accept everything that was happening, because there was no way out of those 4 walls, it took a long time see the limits of my dark side, because I am grateful to have touched those limits to know the essence of its opposite and to be able to know myself in this transcendental version, this dark stage that it was necessary to know it in order to understand why I am here, where I find the Sacred Valley of the Incas and feel grateful for each day of the Sun, the “transcendence” is what I come to transmit, my life my experience is an example to share it I had to go through quite dark and painful processes high and low, break paradigms and get to the point where I am, but it was all because I didn’t know who I was, now I know that every experience every mistake, every moment , were decisions that led me to make the person that I am, and that there is no definition to say “who I am” or what I am, what these sacred lands made of me is priceless, it is clear that having lived in nature changed the resonance From my heart , and gave me back my intuition, my magic, my path, i spent 8 years working in the Andes acquiring knowledge of their people their master plants, temples and power Wakas, thanks Andean Encounters the responsible and sustainable tourism company that I founded already 7 years, it gave myself the opportunity to meet several times with the heart of Pachamama in many ways, where I come to show the less conventional side of Cusco Peru, involving projects where many high Andean families need it, a much deeper local contact, without the help of  conventional guides, here the Andean are the guides and keepers of an ancient sacred knowledge protected for more than 5,000 years until the time of the conquist, So where the Spaniards and their church removed their “idolatries.” The Incas not only named it Sacred Valley for its fruits and crops, but for what this sacred place can do for “you”… I know that this place saves a lot for those who are worthy and feel prepared to transcend themselves, that is why was called the “navel of the world” , Qosqo a central vortex, where you will find your true origin where tribes of many cultures went to the center of that center just for love of themselves to return to the womb of the Earth and be reborn with a new consciousness , a higher self an improved version of itself. As it happened to me… you just need to remember.

Claraluz Llerena Saavedra: I was born in this beautiful land of Cusco all my family is also from here. Since I was little I felt great love for my culture for the people for their traditions, I grew up seeing very closely the living culture of Cusco, the community life of my high Andean people who are the closest to the ancestors to the grandparents to the Incas. In the Andes, the traditions are still kept, but many of them have been lost and some do not know exactly where all these teachings come from. It is for this reason that poverty thinking has come into existence, only the very old remember the true teaching of grandparents. I had the upbringing of my mom and my grandmother who were different but always full of love. My grandmother was a woman who cured only with plants. My grandmother kept very inspiring secrets for me now, she was very far from western medicine, she got very little or almost never ill and if she did she had the perfect money for and treatment to cure you. Religiously, she gave us mats of detoxifying and cleansing herbs at 5 in the morning just before the sun rises, she was an expert in healing with body purges as well as cleaning energy with eggs, smoke candles and other very deep traditions, instead my mother was closer to the wing. western medicine which also taught me to be able to choose in the future. Many years ago I moved to the sacred valley of the Incas after a very hectic city life since a part of my life was in the north of my country where I learned and lived the reality of being a mother for the first time a person with schedules and constantly running trying not to be far from my being but being part of the same circle which broke to make a spiral today with my daughter, I have managed to melt and empower my soul although the road is long I continue day by day loving my step by thanking for everything that make me who I am. When I returned to Cusco this time to the heart of the Sacred Valley, we were welcomed as a daughter who returns to the nest so much happiness and synchronous connection of destiny … I am learning a lot of art and a lot of magic. Deeply connecting with my being, being visible to me, even more essential and important in life, giving me a lot of peace and high love and reconnecting with my roots again. All this invites me to be the most impeccable version of me. I had several experience with entheogens that helped me understand that the vast dimensions and states of consciousness have nothing but a reality in life that body, mind and spirit have to be connected to each other in order to be in balance. I continue to learn many things in this sacred land from super foods to Andean fabrics and before this I connected strongly with music in a much deeper way, seeing everyone with the eyes of my soul understanding that I am a sound just like all things in the world. I am grateful to share with you all the precious teachings I learned and remembered living in the sacred land of my ancestors so full of wisdom.

Damianita and Taray: Our teachers and friends for more tan than 7 years, Daminanita is our Local Andean Healer who comes to teach us the different remedies and varieties of medicinal plants that we have available thanks to pachamama Mother earth , here in the Sacred Valley of the Incas Damianita grew up and learned from grandparents and from the same nature, she has been healing and teaching people about medicinal plants, treatmens, from ancestral plants of the Andes, she also reads the Coca leaves giving you a small map of our life and way to go according to questions that you ask to the Coca leaves, She also makes different cleanses for the body, such as flowering baths, cleaning with minerals and other elements and incenses that she collects for the positive effect of her ceremonies, while Taray as a great Andean Musician has a workshop producing ceremonial drums, Digeridoo, flutes, ceremonial drums and Drums of all kinds, this beautiful family with 5 children in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, opens the doors of their homes and hearts so you can learn from their knowledge, they also have land where their children work with the crops, they have different rooms in a beautiful country house with quite simple basic comforts but with a quite pleasant natural environment, you will have the opportunity to stay at their home and share these ancient medicinal teachings, art and music with a strong authentic Andean lifestyle Impactt, if you want to stay in their home and meet them or take some workshops or activities with them such as making your own ceremonial drum, or a cleaning of flowering bath Andean style in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

BenedictO Cruz Soncco: Benito is another of our master priests of the Andean cosmovision with 31 years old , Benito 6 years ago left the “Qeros” community “his village” Tojllopata “in the Ocongate Andes to convey the knowledge that his ancestors the Incas kept for all these centuries, Benito went through different initiations of the Andean code that a Qero priest does to be able to transmit this knowledge to our brothers from the west and east, he batters love for his lands as his name “Soncco” He says it, Benito is here with us to take us along the path of his ancestors, teach us about the plants the Apus (mountain spiritus), the importance of each living being, to help our mother earth through the resonance of your heart

Sherena E. Edinboro is a Mental Health and Wellness Strategist. With a wealth of knowledge from life experiences and world studies in both Yoga and Spirituality. Her experience as a Registered Nurse with over 11 years at the bedside has prepared her for her current journey.
Sherena yoga studies are inclusive of over 500 hours of yoga training in hatha yoga, yoga nidra and vinyasa. She has studied under masters of the practice in India, Morocco and Peru.
Sherena is currently a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master that incorporates healing Energy Sound Baths and in all she does.
She is a facilitor of Sacred Spaces and Safe Spaces that allow individuals to access and unlock that which is deep inside…
She incorporates love, compassion and empathy in all that she does.
Sherena has such a very subtle and strong vibe that will help you to empower yourself  for a better version of you .
she still running retreats in Las Vegas and Los Angeles in USA.

Our Vision

Bring more awareness to others by bringing their heart to a better resonance with the earth and with other life forms, in this way we invite you to see the world with new lenses, getting one to see oneself from different perspectives but for the same goal … “return to your original purpose”, we seek to amplify consciousness to more subtle levels, awakening different potentials of each human being for self healing, by raising awareness of this worldview of the Andes, the old paradigms will no longer be important who were instructed through our education and culture taking us the only unifying and creative consciousness that is everywhere and is also within you, our vision is to fulfill the prophecy “QERO” Pachakuti the time of the changed began 8 years ago (December 21, 2012), the end of time and the beginning of a new one and you with hers.

Andean Cosmovision

Everything lives and everything has spirit, the Inca worldview teaches us to enter into a vital order with Mother Nature, in which our entire being, Manqos Wasi, is nourished by the Pacha. The Pacha is the cosmic Mother Dimension, where Wiracocha, the invisible supreme god who governs the universal laws of space, time, matter, and energy, brings order to the multidimensionality of reality. We are all Wiracocha and Pachamama, but in what state of consciousness am I now? If your reality is still governed by dualistic thinking (Yanantin), living in a dual, linear, and comparative reality, it keeps us away from our essence. When the conscious being observes itself and enters into Ayni, the balance of the universal laws of Hatun Kawsay, the solar being within all of us awakens. When this happens, one decodes memory and shifts the timeline of life to a more expanded consciousness, to the point where we feed on the light of our own consciousness. Entering into this vital order causes all our cells to awaken, our genes to activate, and optimizes the being to Willca states, where complete harmony with Kawsay is achieved.”

Andean Mythology

There is such a incredible amount of Myths here in the Sacred Valley of the Incas,  and we especially love the myth of the Inca princess and the myth of the emerge of the Incas , which is located in Pitusiray Sacred Mountain, and the wonderful of this myth is that you can see every equinox  the Inca Shadow calendar once a year the gigant profile of the Inca princess  , the Condor , the Hummingbird, the Puma , and the Snake in sequences according the movement of the Sun during one day , this is an incredible and magnificent Totem projected in the Mountain, see the picture with the Inca princess profile with a coca leaf on the mouth and the sacred  Hummingbird Totem on the shoulder!

If you want to plan a retreat for Equinocces or Solstices , this are special dates in which you can receive and be blessed by this enormous Shadows of the Inca cosmovision which is only once a year , this is a unique experience that we imagine the  highest Solar priest of the Inca empire  had ceremonies for this specific days in front of this massive shadow art 

Much of the mystery and magic of Cusco comes out of its myths and legends, if you sit down to talk with a local Andean of the highest communities, it will not take long to tell you any legend or stories that are believed at the time were true and were told to them by their grandparents, they are different beings, Guardians, Sentinels, Giants, mermaids, spirits, which the grandparents of the High Andean communities tell us. There are many legends that bring us teachings full of mystery, as well as love and passion, the Andean mythology keeps secrets that the ancient grandparents “Qeros” tell, they have a facility to tell you stories that claim to be myths of the creation of the mountains, of pachamama (mother nature), like the creation of the sun and the Moon as well as the Human origins… you will have the opportunity to relive all these stories that tell us and have been passed from generation to generation since the time of the Incas .

pitusiray shadow art

Master Plants

There are different varieties  of psychoactive plants (activate the Psyche) that are found throughout the world used by indigenous tribes for connection with the spirit and healing of the body and mind, these plants fulfill a role and purpose In each person depending on what you want to achieve, we use these plants as a key that opens different doors in our perception and awareness, you are your own teacher, your healer , your own guide, you just need to wake up and be aware of it … we believe in plants and we entrust everything to them if you open your heart you will let them be the ones that guide you and take you where you need, you will heal fears, traumas, accumulated burdens, physical sufferings, mental or psychosomatic disorders, depression, anxiety, unconscious accumulated stress, at release all those accumulated charges the body returns to its original state, unlocking the immune system inviting the regeneration of new cells. Master plants need your confidence so they can show you the way. The plants we use are Washuma or Cactus San Pedro, Willca (seed of the Gods), Mimosa Hostilis (Andean changa), Ayahuasca and shakruna, ayahuma, Coca leaf and mambé, fungi Psilocybes (the meat of the gods) , Syrian Rue, Blue Lotus, Reishi, Bobinsana, Rapé / Romé and a few others.  Entheogens Peru considers it essential to take master plants in your process with us in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, if you take medications you will not be able to have ceremonies with the master plants, restrict the medications up to 1 month before the spiritual retreat with us.

Acasia Confusa
erythoxylyum Coca
bufo alvarius sapo
ruda siria
Psicotria viridis
ayahuasca brevaje
ipomoea tricolor
Dyplopterys cabrerana Chaliponga
mornig glory
mimosa tenuforia
Ipomoea violacea
Banisteriopsis Caapi ayahuasca

Medicinal Plants

In the Andes the Indigenous people usually heal themselves with herbal and plant remedies, there are different medicinal plants that we can find throughout the Sacred Valley of the Incas,  Pachamama ( Mother earth) gives us a great diversity of its medicines for the well-being of all of us, you will learn the uses of the  Rue, Marigold, Nettle, Muña, Tara, Coca, Molle, Potato Peel and Egg Husk, Malva, Yanten , Tumbo serrano, sachatomate, and many others, each fulfilling a Corresponding role for the healing of the body, these plants and many others are commonly used in the mountains of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, you can experience these preparations with Damianita our mama “curandera de los Andes”, in which she will teach you how to heal common disease.   we also use  medicinal plants  by collecting  it with much respect and permission by telling Pachamama  the exact propose we want to do with this medicinal plants,  in this way we are receiving all the intention from mother earth for what this plant medicines was for , specially our Andean Changa medicine which is prepare with a blend of different medicinal plants of the Andes, one of our most powerful keys to open the hearts.


Sacred Geometry Andean Code

Sacred geometry invites us to a form of language that communicates with everything created, that’s why many indigenous tribes left us engraving a lot of their wisdom on the rock, Sacred geometry leads us to a higher level of consciousness as if it were a vehicle, the resonances emitted by these frequencies stimulate the psyche of the soul and the body, serving as a cosmic tissue that connects and unites us all, in each pulse your heart emits vibrations according to the resonance of your feelings or emotions creating geometric patterns that determine the quality of your energy. Enteogenos Peru considers Universal Sacred Geometry to be essential as part of our programs, since most of its visionary mystical experiences with us involve these patterns and some very specific ones that we will teach you to meditate with them frequently, you will also have knowledge of Ancient symbology that were engraved on the rock in Megalithic temples throughout the world

Pilgrimage Solar Initiations

In the Andes there was a sacred elite lineage within the Inca nobility called priests of the Sun, they were great masters of Wisdom who keeps the wisdom of the Andean code and their ancestors older brothers, through this network of sacred pathways that they take to the center of the QOSQO, the initiate had to face, to the hunger to the silence of the mountains, to the mother nature, to the noise of your mind, to your feelings, to the fear and to your dark side, the whole network of interconnected Inca roads through these Wakas, where on their pilgrimage to these temples they understood these deep states of consciousness, not all Wakas was only for darkness, Machu Picchu was for the light and refine energies , to understand the wakas is to understand the role they have for us, each Waka has a purpose in your awareness,from your heart to your mind , The Sun (Inti) is our greatest giver of light, and with the help of the Sun, we can energize our ideals, goals, feeding on more light, these meditations were widely used at sunrise as at sunset so we empower our wishes being as a great manifesters as our great Sun.

Multiverse Quantum World

We invite you to observe the creation from different angles in which your consciousness coexists with these realities, the quantum leap are different ways of conceiving what you call matter, energy, time, space we will invite you to observe your physical reality from different planes and perspectives, the ancient Priests of the Sun performed initiations or ceremonies in sacred Wakas used as dimensional doors for consciousness where the body stays and the soul travels connecting with the source, accessing information through a quantum leap . These dimensional doors were used on specific dates activated with elements of power such as Gold that emit high and fine resonances, and with master plants as keys that allow us access to this multidimensional world. For the ancients this jump was symbolized as the stepped cross, the “chakana” in Quechua means “CHAKA HANAN” (Bridge to the heaven), a bridge or portal that take us as a vehicle between dimensions, a door between the Hanan pacha world of higher consciousness and Uku inner subconscious.

Andean Food Diet

Our diet is based on the relationship of the body and spirit for a healthy connection, your body must be properly alkalized and light. We have based our food on totally organic local products mostly Andean super foods native of our Sacred Valley of the Incas. Our body is deeply connected with our spirit that is why every thing we eat will affect this relationship in a remarkable way. We are aware that each food will give an important change in our bodies that is why we take care of the way of planting the harvest form and the whole growth process since they have a significant impact on the vibration of each food. We deeply believe that our skills will be repowering from small acts of food education to generate healthy energy, proper functioning of the body and therefore significantly improve our thoughts and as a result the materialization of objectives. We have included seeds, cereals, vegetables, fruits, algae and clays to make our diet complete but healthy and light at the same time to thus integrate much better everything learned during the retreat. Our meals are varied according to the day and the activities to be carried out in the retreat, below we will mention some of the organic Andean products that we will use:

Quinoa: Andean cereal of different high-protein varieties considered superfood for its complete amino acid composition.

Kiwicha: is a grain that contains iron magnesium phosphorus and fiber among other nutrients making it ideal for a daily diet

Cañihua: High protein Andean cereal consumed in easily digestible flour

Maca: Increases strength and endurance by improving the performance of daily life

Cuschuro (seaweed): Super high protein food, contains large amounts of calcium and iron food used against anemia.

Kallampas oysters (mushrooms): Edible mushrooms high in vitama b2 b3 b9 that reinforce our immune system. Muña: Plant native helps digestion, natural expectorant used in treatments Healing against gastritis also helps decrease eye problems.

Huacatay: Excellent native antibacterial fungicide plant helps fight processes Infectious aids the excellent biliary functioning depurative of the liver.

Chachacomo: Plant native against cancer decreases the body’s malignant cells strengthening the immune system

Native Andean potatoes: High concentration of Earth’s own minerals
Chaco clay: Ancestral clay high in preventive and curative minerals for diseases Gastrointestinal disinfectant by nature strengthens the immune system.

Local Andean fruits:

Sacha tomato: High in vitamins A B and C considered a fruit to have a healthy brain also rich in minerals helps regulate blood pressure levels ideal for dishes dietary

Purple corn: High in anthocyanins, lowers blood pressure raise capacity blood antioxidant

Tumbo: High in minerals and vitamin with therapeutic properties against kidney problems.

It is important to respect each eating procedure that we will give for a better and more optimal functioning of the body and the integration of everything we are reaching out with your process with Peru Entheogens.
harina de coca
maiz morado
ostras hongos
papa andina
chuschuro cochayuyo alga de lago
tumbo serrano

Ancestral Spiritual Art

This is a Sacred space to share with you a hidden language through Symbols, Geometric Patterns and Hermetic Codes of this great legacy left by our Grandparents

There are so many questions and only some answers recorded through those vestiges full of such brilliant Wisdom.
Infinitely connected to the cosmos in a single consciousness.
We are really passionate about sharing with you all the complexity of all  information left by our ancestral cultures, bearers of dense and subtle memories that are manifested in all kinds of their art.

Their art captures the sound of their vibrations through their art they manage to empower their souls and remember that wisdom by connecting with their Ancestors to see the essential and share the light with their children, families and with humanity.
There are so many secrets, testimonies, legacies, stories and languages that transcend time and space to tell us ways of living and perceiving the world in ancient times, teaching us the extraordinary wisdom contained in the way of a printed message in each act and object.
We want to invite you to know deeply the fabrics, ceramics, and different varieties of  art in general to connect and heal through these magical ensigns of great teachers who still guard and share this great Wisdom where they call the greatest secrets of humanity.
Where can we understand that we are a small point in relation to the universe but we are an Indispensable point that connects with another point forming a great fabric.
Thanks to our Ancestors to Great Chroniclers who shared and who still share and fight to preserve all this great legacy the legacy of our Grandparents. We have different  Spiritual art products that has a unique design and deep concept of what you can where in your daily life or to decorate your Home, and at the same time you are supporting  Andean locals than huge fashion companies, ask us  to send you our products and clothes ready for a new age etno sustainable fashion with a deeper spiritual concept encode on our art.

Jallalla Pallay Munay.


ancestral spiritual art
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