What Are Entheogens?

 Entheogens comes from the Greek “In” inside or “Theo” of God and Genos to Create or generate this invites me to think that the Entheogens generate or create the divinity or the God within us, the entheogens are natural or synthetic psychoactive substances that induce altered states of consciousness for spiritual purposes, it seems that entheogens have a direct relationship with the Human being from its beginnings throughout history and it is believed that the taking of these plants is likely to have caused an evolutionary development in our brain and In our psyche, According our personal experience in Wakas and centers of Inca Power in the Andes of Peru, we still learning from Nature and its elementals for the Being, I want to show you a fractal of the teachings that this Sacred place keeps, we make use of different entheogens and their different alchemy that our ancestors left us and are still available here in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, when making use of them in its Wakas and temples no longer as a tourist place but as a door for consciousness that is still active, it takes us back to the original path to the center of that center that we all seek and need to transcend to a better version of ourselves, we like to believe that nature is so wise that it created its own defense mechanisms as entheogenic plants so that the human being so destructive takes these plants and becomes aware at a much deeper level about the direction and paths that we must choose. Incas

Rapé / Romé Circle

The snuff is an ancestral medicine created by different tribes of the Amazon, they are mixtures of different dried plants that were ground and prayed with great intention, they fulfill a medicinal function in our body depending on the mixture of those plants, the Psychoactive alkaloid is tobacco o “Mapacho”, this being 50% to 80% of the snuff compound, it brings us strength, clarity, clears the mind, cleanses the nostrils, helps with meditation, cleanse the eyes, some Romé contain ashes of some animal bones or element of nature, which also invites us to connect with the DNA of these power animals.


Andean Changa Medicine (DMT)

Changa is a mixture of herb leaves or flowers that in its molecular composition contains alkaloids like the medicinal drink Ayahuasca, although there are many varieties of Changa, such as Ayahuasca the key active ingredients are consistently a pure DMT resin (dimethyltryptamine) and a MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitor). Changa is much easier to use than Ayahuasca and can be vaporized through glass vaporizer without any combustion and without harmful effects. DmT is considered a neurotransmitter and is also found in the human brain in a natural way known as “brain food”, (the brain treats it in a similar way to glucose) the human body produces it in the pineal gland during the states positive mood, joy, euphoria and mainly during deep sleep or waking states, When entering the session with the Changa the body increases the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, melatonin, norepinephrine and other tryptamines that promote healing and regeneration of the body, causing the release of a huge amount of accumulated unconscious stress, managing to unblock the immune system that leads to healing. It produces a dissolution of unconscious cellular memories that cause addictions, compulsions, psychosomatic diseases to some physical ills, produces effects such as partial or total fusion of the initiate with what surrounds him with a strong feeling of unity. Produces a feeling that the body vibrates with all existence. Unlock memories and give us essential information that we need through visions and experiences with this sacred medicine. Using Changa is an excellent way to transcend the chaos of the mind, breaking paradigms that invite us to deepen in a spiritual way. The use of Changa does not cause any type of addiction, but quite the opposite, since it usually breaks addictions, attachments and compulsions. The profound effects and the feeling of release of stress or emotional charges with Changa lasts approximately 10-15 minutes, it can reach up to 35 minutes depending on the alchemy in the mixture of these flowers, but a session with this sacred medicine can produce welfare effects and vitality for days or weeks to have taken this session since each flower fulfills a certain medicinal role, involving its spirit in the experience for greater healing. We elaborate ourselves this medicine from the Chakruna, Acasia plant, or Mimosa tepescohuite, until the preparation of the flower mixture for its vaporization, we are the only ones in all of Peru to work with this Sacred Medicine within our program and we use Changa as main medicine throughout the retrea with Peru Entheogenst.

Willca (the God seeds)

Willca means Sacred and it is the name that the Inca gave these seeds for the spiritual impact it caused in the initiate, these seeds are the ayahuasca of the Inca and Tiwanaku cultures, the Ayahuasca comes from the Jungle , but in the Andes they used the Willca, as a psychoactive component it has the 5 MEO-DMT / BUFOTENINA / NN -DMT among others, it is a cocktail of nature’s alkaloids for the balance of being, the Willca has purgative effects, it gives us body cleansing , and leads us to strong visions that increase the amount of production of neurotransmitters that regulate our central and peripheral nervous system, fills us with well-being, peace, love, and extremly happiness, that leads us to experience an encounter with our guides (beings from other dimensions) that are within you as well as around you, the spirit of the Willca will take you as a guide of the Pachamama (mother earth), showing you its beauty and reminding you of the True balance that surrounds you and that is not to be sought, the Willca tunes us to the center of our Glandula Pineal it opens portals to see inside of our being, the Ceremony consists of opening a suitable space for the sacred encounter with the master seed from the Andes, we will teach you how to prepare and activate it naturally, the ceremony with the seeds lasts from 40 minutes to 1 hour, after the effect the initiate feels a release of a huge amount of stress, it makes you feel lighter and connected with yourself, it energizes you and gives strength, the seeds reconnects you with your physical self, restores your intuition and clears the mind, opens the way for the flow of energy between the heart and the mind, a series of experiences with the Willca gives us a greater understanding of the Inca culture , this sacred sedes and Entheogens PERU takes us back to an experience that was more than 5,000 years old.

Niños Santos (Magic Shrooms)

If we talk about these great teachers, we have to talk about Maria Sabina, the ancient healer of Mexico who made her power known by healing terminal ills to many people from all over the world, she invoked healing energies, using mushrooms called saints, she picked them from the field herself, these saints have the power to fully open your heart and mind, their psychoactive compound is psilocybin a kind of tryptamine that today is used to cure Azheimer, Anxiety, depression, trauma and other ills originated in the psyche, the Saints create new neuronal cells, helping memory and the increase of new brain connections and the regeneration of neurons, making use of different potentials to achieve self healing , these teachers have a strong psychotherapeutic impact, Peru Entheogens invites you to know the healing spirit of these “Santos”, and what it can do for you as a guide in our retreat with us, experience with Santos is 4 to 5 hours. For experienced people with a high level of awareness, we invite you to take “Chongo” ceremonies, changa and mushrooms

Washuma San Pedro Cactus

This powerful Master plant shows us that everything and everyone is made of the same thing, the cactus helps us to reconnect with everything forgotten, opening deep feelings towards the earth and others, it takes us to deep states of love and peace as it also reveals fears and traumas that we carry not only in this life but in many lives, the Washuma breaks karmic burdens of your own lineage, these emotional vibes or shadows that we carry are not necessarily ours, that is why Sometimes we don’t know why we feel bad or depressed, the cactus will help you break with these emotions that you have incarnated with. This plant helps restructure the mind, helping to increase your faith, regaining control of your own reality through the consciousness of the “Munay “love. You Will not only have the ceremony, but you will learn to prepare it yourself, 99. 999…% of the medicines are effective because of the intention the person had when preparing it. Washuma in Quechua is the name given to the cactus of San Pedro name imposed by the Spaniards and the church for the high effects they produced when ingesting this medicine, they believed it was the key to heaven that is why it was given the name of “San Pedro”, this visionary cactus works in the poqpo (chakra) root, leading us to a deep understanding and connection with all creation with a strong auditory stimulation by the sounds of nature, the sensory intensity that this cactus invites us is extremely sacred, thanks to the old grandparents “Chavin” and “Moche” who left us this ancient heritage and sacred wisdom for the deep understanding of the abilities in the senses, the Psyche and the spiritT


we recommend our initiates go to the jungle for a true encounter with ayahuasca, but that does not mean that we cannot experience an encounter with this wonderful entheogenic plant here in the Andes, for the taking of ayahuasca we ask for 1 week of a strict diet without sugars no salt, no meat and no canned, zero seasonings, since what the plant seeks is to purge your body to go to the spiritual plane, many people take ayahuasca without the diet restriction, and this makes the mother ayahuasca purge your body to gradually reach the spirit, there are cases of 5 to 10 shots of ayahuasca in 1 month and they do not reach the level of transcendental vision experience, this is because the body needs certain diets to make way for information and agree to see everything from the soul, the liana de ayahuasca we use after having passed a series of sessions and ceremonies or retreat with us, since it takes time to adjusting the body and mind to a journey in which your body does not interfere much with the messages that the mother ayahuasca wants to give you from your pineal gland, otherwise the mother ayahuasca will give you what you need but not what you want, cleaning your body first, from body to heart and from heart to mind and from mind to soul. An ayahuasca ceremony with us lasts from 5 to 6 hours.If you want to experience a shot with this plant, tell us about your case and the reason why you want to take it so we can put together a shot within a program with Entheogens Peru Soul sanctuary.

Mimosa / Tepescohuite

This is one of the Master plants from Mexico and Brazil that we consider very important in your spiritual development with us, this plant like the Chakruna ( DMT jungle master plant)  plant contains triple the intensity of alkaloid content in DMT than the Ayahuasca Beverage, this plant that We use within our Andean changa preparations and it is our main plant from which we make extractions with the use of their spirit for the direct activation of our PINEAL GLAND or third eye without interference and Body struggles , because of our extraction methods helps us to used only for the spirit but not for a purge or cleansing of the body, the Mimosa Tepescohuite helps us bring more vision, gives us mental clarity, shows us the veils of multidimensional realities that inhabits our consciousness, leading us to inner worlds where we find different spiritual entities that interact with our consciousness, mimosa tepezcohuite , Showing us paths to fantastic places out of this world, our ceremonies with Mimosa tepezcohuite last between 20 to 40 minutes depending on the method and context in which we are making use of this entheogenic plant, since it can vary according to the way in which the initiate experiments with This entheogenic plant, is an extremely powerful key that opens doors to the memory of the earth and  of your ancestors as well  your DNA, nature brings us magical plants  to work it in different ways, it not only plays a role spiritual visionary, but also heals external and internal deep scars and wounds, a little like the Dragon´s Blood that we have in the Jungle but without the psychoactive DMT the bark and root of this plant can be used for the skin as well as for organic dyes and many other uses.  there are different species of Mimosas about 400 species and we can find a few types in the Andes as Anadenanthera colubrina ( the god seeds) which is part of the mimosa family.


Syrian Rue

Also known as Somi or isryk it was used in maximum doses for the preparation of “sacred” drinks of the ancient Arians, according to the Hindu Vedas. It is used to this day by the Sufis of Central Asia, as a “mystical incense” to achieve ecstasy. Syrian rue is the best way to cure inflammatory signs of the respiratory tract, as well as having diuretic and analgesic properties. Syrian rue seeds have a slightly hallucinogenic effect. It has the same principles as the Liana de Ayahuasca that of paralyzing the Mao on top, this gives us the capacity for a greater production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, opening the doors to a maximum state of well-being, these seeds are used a lot in the Middle East and Asia In Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Turkey, the dried seeds of Syrian rue are mixed with other ingredients and placed on hot coals. This causes them to explode and release their aromatic smoke, similar to incense. It is during this process that the prayer is recited. We use these seeds in our diets as well as to intensify other entheogenic plants, the Syrian rue we also use it for extractions such as to smoke it or take it, we usually include them in our ANDEAN CHANGA (DMT). Current theories tell us that Moses probably ate these seeds regularly and it may have been the case that when we went up Mount Sinai the burning bush we found in Biblical passage EXODUS 3.2 is the Acasias tree that is mentioned many times in the Bible and that We currently know that these Mount Sinai Acasias Trees contain high DMT contents much higher than the same Psychotria Viridis in the Ayahuasca Brew, the seeds of Peganum Harmala or Syrian rue would be the main catalyst for Acacias or other entheogenic plants to make spiritual work at its best. The presence of a beta carboline cocktail in these seeds helps us as a relaxant for a greater assimilation of experiences with entheogenic plants.

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