Discover a unique approach to yoga unlike any other retreat experience. Our practice transcends traditional settings, as we journey to the Sacred Inca power places to harness their profound energy. In contrast to confining yoga within the confines of a retreat, we believe in the transformative power of practicing amidst the ancient “Inca wakas,” where the energy is at its zenith.

Throughout history, cultures worldwide have sought to unite spirit, mind, and body. In the Andes, evidence abounds of advanced yoga practices among the Incas and pre-Incas, showcasing a profound integration with the Earth. Meditations aligned with celestial events and the alignment of the sun and sacred temples were conduits for accessing vital energy, known as MIsHA, fostering the harmonious flow of energy, or Amaru (snake), through the power centers, or Poqpos (chakras) in Quechua.

Andean yoga is the culmination of this ancient wisdom, merging traditional yoga principles with the rich tapestry of the Andean cosmovision. The benefits of Andean yoga are manifold, fostering increased resilience, strength, agility, flexibility, cellular detoxification, heightened sensitivity, creativity, balance, and self-assurance, enabling individuals to realize their full potential.

Conducted amidst the breathtaking altitudes of over 12,000 feet above sea level, our practice takes place in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, offering pristine air and an escape from urban pollution. Endorsed by international yoga institutions, our approach is enriched by expert instructors from diverse backgrounds, including esteemed local professors from Cusco, ensuring an authentic and profound experience steeped in the Andean ethos.

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Wim Hoff Breathing Immersion Technique

There are many different varieties of breathing techniques that we can find available all over the world, the Hoff method is one of our favorites since it strengthens and alkalizes the body preparing it for altered states of consciousness, this technique It helps us to transcend the mind, control emotions, activate our immune system, oxygenates the body and brain, gives us vitality, Peru entheogens uses this method as a priority for its effectiveness. Breathing is our fundamental technique for better navigation between dimensions, connecting with your breathing is controlling your reality not only physical reality but also in a alterated multidimensional level .

Sami Meditation (Andean Wisdom)

This meditation is what we will take in practice, we will learn about the 3 realities and levels of consciousness, such as Hanan pacha (higher self), Kay pacha (your body), Uku Pacha (subconscious), this Andean trivalence, gives us a better map and scheme of the composition of our universe and the management of our energies in relation to nature (we), all the kausay Poqpo (energy bubble) forms these 3 realities, which we are in middle in the Kay pacha there is where we find the 4 types of energies: dense, heavy, subtle and refined, Sami meditation teaches us to clean our energy through a visualization technique where we deliver dense energies, and recharge refined energies We will understand more about the vibrations of different elements of Mother Nature and the benefit they have with the practice of these simple meditations of the Andean Solar heritage.

Sound Meditation

Since the sounds stimulate meditation and healing, each note resonate with vibrations in us that unlock dense or heavy energy patterns in different Poqpos (chakras) or meridians of the body, the vibrations work as a net of frequencies With geometric patterns where the sounds enter as vibratory energy that works weaving our  body cells through the light/sounds, thus being able to unlock your immune system, we also use the sounds not only for therapies but as a means of transportation to other dimensions since in turn these notes stimulate our experience with plants helping to enter deep levels of consciousness and understand multidimensional realities through rhythmic Sounds.

Andean Encounters will take you places off the beaten path , come to Cusco to experience Machu Picchu and other amazing tours in the Sacred Valley of the Incas , Cusco and Lake Titicaca, Andean encounters  gets profits  for Sustainable projects supporting Andean families  to see their life from up close , learn from their knowledge and lifestyle , we believe more what locals says than conventional guide tours, Andean Encounters will take you to see the heart of the Andes in a Deeper level

Mentoring and Spiritual Coaching

The most important thing of all is that your experience with us is gradually integrating with a following-up we make after your retreat with us, you will have a psychotherapy talk 1 hour and a half a week to reinforce and continue integrating this in your day to day. Many of the healing centers or spiritual retreats do not offer this follow-up that we will do with you to ensure that you have processed these sacred teachings well in your life. If you would like to take psychotherapy talks with us constantly, we have several patients from many parts of the world who continue to share their experiences with us taking classes 3 times a week for those who study the mind, plants emotions, anxiety problems , drug addiction, alcoholism, depression, or post-traumatic stress syndromes (SEPT), we consider it very important to maintain communication and connection with our practitioners, since these experiences make us families of one consciousness inviting us to create our personal reality, in which we need to constantly remind ourselves in communication always with the cosmic Tribe that you formed with us.

Visionary Psychotherapy

It is the method we call unlocking and releasing traumatic loads through the use of entheogens and the integrative and decoded talk that these visions project based on their fears or deep emotions to release, psychotherapy helps us to see ourselves as a reflection through of our sessions, the act of observing and serving as a reflection / mirror act of the person helps to internalize and uncover fears, ailments, traumas, stress, or obstacles that prevent reaching your goals, psychotherapy is for everyone, since we all seek balance both at work, family and health, we make use of bowls and bells as sounds that move vibrations by making deep parts of the being susceptible, through guidance it takes us to places and deep feelings of being to be unlocked. By having a personalized follow-up of your process we can observe the drastic changes that each psychotherapy session achieves with you, the sessions last from 1 hour to hour and 30 minutes where you will have an Andean Changa session (DMT)  session, you will feel a tremendously  relief committed to making each Psychoterapia an advance for you. this is the only activity that could be done in Lima  Peru. made by our Master Psychotherapist  Eduardo Elias .

Unlike other spiritual retreats, we teach you how to elaborate and prepare each master plant, we also show you from a biological level how these master plants affect and benefit the brain and body, you will learn about each component, protein, amino acid, alkaloid, hormone, to each receptor of your neuronal cells, science, neurochemistry and ethnobotany show us the importance of these healing plants in us at a much deeper level, and we mix science with ancient medicine for a better understanding of each plant and role that comply with us, if you want to deep in the preparation of these plants, let us know as this is something very special for your evolutionary process since you could continue with these medicines preparing them on your own and showing the path of the plants to others .

Sustainable Projects and Social Support

Throughout our entire journey in the Sacred Valley of the Incas we have formed very strong bonds of great trust in which families from different communities are part of ours, we consider ourselves all part of a team, incorporating tourist activities and sustainable projects through ANDEAN ENCOUNTERS where our visitors are involved and have the opportunity to experience Direct help with these people
and achieve a more direct bond, since we need them for teaching us  their natural way of living, their ancestral knowledge of the Andes and  how to live healthy and strong reaching 100 years old  and more with great vitality, where no disease affects them , just as they need from us, the way of educating and to develop a better education based on the system, since many of these families come out from their places to transmit their knowledge, and they  had to leave their rural lives and get closer to the city and this change forces them to live in economic conditions , in which we can give back  the favor of this people for come out. ,  here you can see some pictures of communities we were supporting through our trajectory, communities as  : Maucau , Pumamarca , Acha Alta , Arin , urco , Huycho , Qeros , entre otros.

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