Offering to Pachamama Mother Earth

This is one of the most important ceremonies in the Andes as it opens the way for a path of abundance of clarity, health, well-being, a path blessed by the spirit Apus mountains and the mother earth Pachamama, this It is a ceremony where the Andean priests invoke different guardians spirits and sentinels of the Lakes, elementary beings of nature that we give thanks and ask for their help and protection to open a new path in the Andes, offerings are made with elements of nature, as minerals or superfoods that mother nature give us, formerly gold and silver were used, in the Andes they have the habit to give back at least once a year everything that the earth and the universe has given us, is a way to make a gift to mother Gaia from heart to heart, if you want to take a ceremony Offering to mother earth in a Sacred Inca Waka check out one of our Andean Priests, we include this ceremony within our program from 5 days to more. As a blessing protection and welcome for spiritual progress that you will have with us in the Andes. This is a way to ask nature for permission to achieve the necessary wisdom of its sacred lands.


Ancestral ceremony of Mexico where the 4 elements are honored the earth and supreme consciousness, Temazcal means “house of hot stones”; In Nahuatl Tetl = stone, Mazitli = hot; Calli = house. Tlazolteotl is Mother Earth, she is considered the goddess of the temazcal, and it is believed that she devours what we no longer serve to transform it into fertile land and transmute it into new life. Within the temazcal, which is the belly of the earth, steam makes us sweat and take toxins out of our body; the temazcal will devour them, will absorb that sweat and transform it into fertile land, ready to feed the new life. Temazcal therapy is based on the fact of causing sweat in our body by means of medicinal steam. Sweat, by itself, already has a high healing value, but in addition, inhaling the steam increases the curative capacity of the temazcal. This steam is produced by the contact of herbal water with the red-hot stones. Each herb has different medicinal qualities: for example, chamomile helps clean the eyes and restores good digestion; while eucalyptus will help fight respiratory diseases, etc. In general, this ritual serves to relax, cleanse the skin, purify the body, strengthen the heart, purify the blood, heal from many diseases, open the mind, develop perception, find solutions to problems, helps meditation. However, the purification of our being within the temazcal goes far beyond the physical, because the spirit also undergoes detoxification through the words we pronounce, negative thoughts that we eliminate, the tears we release. The temazcal will devour those destructive thoughts and emotions to transform them into new energy; in short: we will live our own rebirth from the womb of the earth in the heart of the Andes of Cusco.

Floral Bath

Damiana our hostess and healer of the Andes will take us through the world of medicinal plants, making known their properties and methods of use for the application of these plants, she also through her prayers invoking the Ancestors of their lands, helps us to remove the bad energies and vibrations charged and rooted even in the organs becoming over time in some disease, Damianita expels these heavy energies, through these baths with flowers and plants of the Andes, if you want to learn about Medicinal plants pick them up with her and take a bath of flowers you can include it in your personal program. Peru Entheogens considers Basic knowledge of the medicinal plants of the Sacred Valley of Cusco, Damianita as well as other Andean women to be essential, they are healers of the Sacred Valley that maintain these natural recipes of their grandparents and the Inca ancestors.

Coca and Mambé Ceremony

In the Andes, the Coca leaf is considered sacred not only for its high mineral content, being the most complete in the world, but for the uses that this plant had for millennia, these leaves have the ability to impregnate energy, which is why many Andeans use this plant to put intentions by means of the word, the intentions have high vibratory loads which is absorbed by the leaves immediately, it has the ability to record the memory of a place, it is a medium to communicate with other forms of consciousness like the apus (the mountains) the sun, the rivers, the earth the water, the fire, all vibration including that of the human heart, 3 coca leaves are enough to open the heart connecting it with the mind, it brings clarity, strength, body power, mental fluidity, oxygenation which alkalinizes the body, strengthens the immune system. The Mambé is used in Shipibo towns in the Amazon basin, the Shipiban tribes administer the coca in a different way than the Andean ones, it consists of grinding the coca leaves and then roasting it while praying, adding Yarumo ashes, cocoa or of other foods, mambé has a different effect than just chewing Coca leaves, since a tablespoon of Mambé contains more nutrients than 100 coca leaves and its effect is faster and longer lasting, we work a lot with mambé and coca leaves Because it is a fundamental part of the Andean worldview and your process with us.

Coca Leaf Reading Ceremony

Damianita our local Andean curandera and our teacher Benedict Sonqo are our visionary teachers of the Coca leaf and its reading, to decipher obstacles doubts and to be able to see the path of one and the one that has to go, each one has different methods of reading the COCA , since this happens from the teaching of the grandparents, and from the Pachamama (Mother Earth), asking for permission from their guides the Apus, the mother earth and the spirit of Coca, you can consult things that you have as doubts in your life, coca helps to see what you cannot see, it is a means of communication for the soul, the Andean people say Coca never lies, if you want to take a reading of coca leaves with Damianita know her family, and share some time with this local “curandera” from the Andes, ask us if you want to have her in your program with us.

Kambo Ceremony

it is an Amazon frog that contains a poison with different compounds that purge and activate the immune system, this is a medicine that we do not use within our retreat but that we highly recommend if the person seeks a detoxification, deep cleaning to body level, the kambo is a purgative effective, eliminates parasites, and removes everything that is insane to your body, the effects are dizziness and vomiting in order to throw away all badly rooted in our organs, the kambo cleanses both the body that It can be used before a program with us to receive all your experience with a much cleaner healthy body and in better cleaning conditions for taking master plants. If you want to experiment with the Kambo and clean your body with the Kambo we can recommend many facilitators here in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and include it at the beginning of your program.

Cacao Ceremony

The amount of Cacao for a dose in our ceremonies is 20-40 grams of organic cacao. It begins to have a physical effect between 30 and 45 minutes after having consumed it. It accelerates the blood flow in our body, so that the irrigation in our brain increases up to 40%, bringing clarity and presence to the thought connecting it with the heart, it is there when it begins to beat with greater force. This can happen on a physical and subtle level, the energy of the heart expands, placing ourselves in the present, we can hear and feel it more clearly. We use Yanatile Cacao grown by the local indigenous people, they put their love and strength in this chocolate, it contains the balance of ideal components and energies that stimulate that union of the spirit and the vibration of the heart: Heals and activates a very special and loving frequency in each person. The spirit of CACAO allows you to harmonize on an emotional and spiritual level you need, without the intervention of the mind. You will let go of what does not work for you and you will process in depth that transformation and change that you need. Well, as the Coca leaf, Cacao we consider it special and it is essential in your process with Peru Entheogen

Sacred Mountain Initiation

this is a high intermediate level pilgrimage, towards Pitusiray mountain over 4 thousand meters high to a beautiful lagoon that holds different legends and myths, there are currently government excavations to find the treasure of the Incas and their place of Origin, thanks to our discoverer friend “Walid Barham Ode” who accidentally hit with a totem that was lost in history , this is about shadows in motion with forms of Inca, condor, snake and the profile of the Princess that shows in movement every equinox at sunrise, because under these shadows almost 5 thousand meters is the powerful Waka Huanacaure, as guardian of the door towards the center of the earth from where the Incas emerged as several chroniclers tell , take a full body bath in the waters of this mythical lagoon is a true way to start an initiation and you will have this mountain as your guardian along your spiritual path. Peru Entheogens considers the Pitusiray mountain the most important, even more important than Machu Picchu, because the Inca never wanted them to know where they emerged from and where they opened the treasure and inheritance of their ancestors, since all that is hidden within this Sacred mountain, the Incas covered and hid all information that reveals their place of origin, confusing the conquerors away from this Sacred mountain where only the immense and enigmatic Shadows in movement with forms of Andean mythology are visible as a codeo f their Place of Origin.

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