3 Day Retreat

This is a basic  level retreat, this program involves Andean cosmovision workshops and ceremonies that give us a greater impact on the development of our consciousness by working with entheogens such as Changa rapé / Rome, Pcilocybes ( shrooms) and DMT , we will experience all this magical master plants at sacred Inca place around Sacred Valley or Cusco.

Day 1 introductory workshop of the program, Andean cosmovision and Meditation at Urco Sacred Palce rape rome ceremony .

Day 2 Yoga Andean cosmovision workshop and Coca Leaf ceremony, meditation and  Magic mushrooms ceremony at Sacred Inca Portal ,breathing techniques and Sound therapy + changa ceremony ( NN – DMT). light dinner

Day 3 Yoga , Andean cosmovision Amaru Machay Serpent path + Sami meditation,  changa ceremony  at( Nn DMT) at Qespehuara Inca Portal.

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5 Day Retreat

This is a basic to Intermediate level retreat , you will experience pilgrimages to ancient sacred temples having ancestral ceremonies at this places, you will have 4 different master plant medicine , and you will reconnect with ancient power Inca places learning in a deeper level the Andean worldview cosmovision, the places you will visit will be Arin Waterfall, Temple of killarumiyoc , temple of Qespehuara , Huaka ñaupa the ancient cave, as the base of Pisac sacred temple. This is a spiritual experience full of wisdom master plants and sacred places.


You will acclimatize by walking through an amazing waterfall just beside our base, light lunch, informative workshop of the entire program, RAPÈ Snuff ceremony , meditation ,sound therapy , light dinner.
Day 2
We get up 7 am to take the coca tea, transportation will take us towards Killarumiyoq sacred temple, where we will have a brief meditation and circle of Coca leaf, we will share the bases of Andean Cosmovision and Inca Mythology. Sacred power center for many cultures of the Andes Killarumiyoq is Part of the royal networks of the Inca Sun pathways , we will have a rapé snuff ceremony, we will go to another place in the mountain where we will open the table for your first Psilocybin session ( 4PO – DMT) this powerful entheogen will take you through very deep areas of the psyche, giving a new light code to your DNA, you will have access to parts of your body, mind and soul where you can unlock your memory in greater depth, you will have a spiritual contact with nature, post-experience integration therapy, sound therapy and meditation, Mate or very light dinner.
Day 3
We get up at 8am to stretch, breathe and meditate, we will drink a very light juice, we will go to the Urco temple where we will have a talk about Andean cosmovision, we will have a peck of coca leaves and we will have a rape ceremony , we move to a Sacred Natural spot in Pisac to open a table for your first Willca ceremony (5MEO-DMT , 5HO-DMT BUFOTENINE) Willca will cleanse your body and will restore your spiritual strength, will give you clarity, Vision, wisdom, and guidance, these seeds were the ayahuasca of the Incas with a duration of 40 minutes, this ceremony will be accompanied by sound therapy, songs and different incenses that will provide harmony and strength for the initiate, you will have a small dinner and post-experience integrative therapy with the seed of the gods, Willca the most powerful cocktail of tryptamines known in the planet.
Day 4
We get up 7 am to walk to the waterfall for a meditation , light breakfast and go to the temple of Ñaupa, a ceremonial center with more than 10 thousand years old where you will experience the NN – DMT After having known the spirit of 2
master plants that unblock energies that prevent the passage to stricter entheogens, on your fourth day you will experience the vaporization of the NN – DMT extracted from the Mimosa Tepezcohuite plant within a Sacred Ancient
chamber made by wise Andean cultures of the Andes, this is an incredible and majestic place full of energy, We return home for a light dinner , post-experience integration therapy.

Day 5
We get up 8am meditation, light breakfast and transportation will take us to Saqsayhuaman areas for a short pilgrimage through  ancient sacred temples like Cheqtaqaqa, Amarumachay, kusilluchayoq, and Quespehuara Sacred place where we will have an Andean cosmovision workshop and your 2nd DMT session in this powerful portal for consciousness, postexperience, back home light dinner, rest .
Integration therapy 9 am check out.

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10 Day Retreat

Ceremony offering to Mother Earth , coca leaf reading and mambé ceremony, Willca ceremony, washuma ceremony, Andean changa (DMT) ceremony, 5 elements ceremony, floral bath cleansing, Andean cosmovision workshops, visionary sacred geometry, Andean Mythology , Ancient Inca meditations practices.

Day 1 Welcome and ceremony offering to Mother Earth, introductory workshop of the program, meditation and sound therapy places: Waka Urco and Arin Falls

Day 2, Andean Yoga, Andean worldview, coca leaf ceremony, Sami meditation, sound therapy, Introduction to the taking of Washuma and Changa Andina.

Day 3 Andean Yoga, Andean worldview workshop + Sami meditation, rest ceremony taking of Wachuma

Day 4 Rest feedback from psychoanalysis Visionary rest

Day 5 Andean Yoga, alternative Inca trail Rapé / Romé ceremony, Sami meditation, Coca leaf and mambé ceremony, visionary workshop Sacred Andean geometry, visit a reconnection with Sacrd power Inca Places ,Andean worldview workshops.

Day 6 Andean Yoga, pilgrimage through the Wakas and Inca temples of power, Andean Cosmovision workshop, Ancestral Inca wisdom, Solar meditation, SAMI meditation, coca leaf and mambé ceremony and Willca ceremony

Day 7 Andean Yoga, alternative Inca trail pilgrimage, rapé / romé circle, SAMI meditation, Cocoa ceremony, Coca leaf ceremony changa ceremony with sound therapy

Day 8 Andean Yoga, rest, workshop Visionary Sacred Geometry Win Hoff breathing techniques, meditation and flower bath

Day 9 Andean yoga,  Santos Psilocybe ceremony +  Andean changa medicine

Day 10 feedback and Analysis of your experience, workshop to integrate the processes of the entire program, after  the retreat we will have video conference  1 time a week for 1 month. To not lose the connection and help you stay on the path you have reached in the Andes.

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18 Day Retreat

Ceremony offering to  Pachamama, ceremonies of Washuma San Pedro Cactus ,Andean changa (DMT), mushroom ceremony(psilocybes), Willca ( God seeds) Ceremony, High intensive program, we will have different ceremonies entheogens in different Sacred power places , from Cusco and Lake Titicaca, you will learn in depth about the Andean cosmovision and Visionary sacred geometry as Sound healing, you will have an initiation to be blessed by the sacred mountain Pitusiray, you will learn about the preparation of entheogenic plants.

Day 1 Welcome and ceremony offering to Mother Earth, introductory program workshop, meditation sound therapy

Day 2 Andean yoga , Andean cosmovision workshop coca leaf ceremony, Sami meditation, sound therapy, preparation for Washuma cactus ceremony, DMT session.

Day 3 Andean Yoga, Andean cosmovision workshop in  Inca power place + Sami meditation, light lunch, rest Wachuma ceremony.

Day 4 Break feedback and psychoanalysis of your experience with the Washuma cactus.

Day 5 Andean Yoga, alternative Inca trail , Rapé / Rome ceremony Sami meditation, Coca leaf and mambé ceremony , visionary workshop Sacred Andean geometry. changa ceremony

Day 6 Andean Yoga, pilgrimage through the huakas and Inca power places, workshop of Andean Cosmovision and Andean Mythology, Solar meditation, SAMI meditation, DMT Session.

Day 7 Andean Yoga, alternative Inca trail pilgrimage, rapé / romé circle, SAMI meditation, Cacao  ceremony, Coca leaf ceremony changa ceremony with sound therapy.

Day 8 Andean Yoga, rest, workshop Visionary Sacred Geometry Win Hoff breathing techniques, meditation and flower bath.

Day 9 Andean yoga, rest meditation Santos Ceremony (Pcilocybes)

Day 10 Feedback and psychoanalysis of their experience, workshop on the integration of their genetic codes, memory and expanded consciousness, changa ceremony.

Day 11 Andean Yoga, free day

Day 12  A big bus will take us on a long journey to Puno to Lake Titicaca The highest lake in the world. We will sleep on special  reclining seats for sleep , we will visit different huakas and temples throughout this journey we will learn more about Ancient Inca Wisdom workshops in these archaeological centers, we will pass the night at the home of some Andean locals At the temple of Willka Uta.

Day 13 Yoga Cacao ceremony,  Winn hoff meditation, free time , we open the “mesa “for the Sunset, ceremony of San Pedro and Changa Andina. in AMARU MURU Sacred temple.

Day 14 Break process an personal  integration post experience take notes,  visionary feedback

Day 15 We go to the transformation chambers for the altered consciousness, here we will pass one by one for a DMT session, to experience the Yanantin (Duality) where we will enter to towers of megalithic stone created by the first cultures of the Andes, also called chullpas of Molloco.

Day 16 Pilgrimage to Cutimbo 2 to 3 hours on the way uphill to cutimbo depending on the strength and how they feel we will have the opportunity to do Changa ceremony or Sami meditation.

Day 17 Rest all day does not include lunch, we go to the bus station to go back to Cusco 9 Hours arriving at 5 am in the morning after 18 days of program.

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Customized Retreats

You can customize a retreat to any length you wish and select the ceremonies and activities you want. Contact us to organize your retreat with us. you can also see in retreats section our 5 DAY , 10 DAY, 18 DAY retreat.

you can also choose sacred places and temples at your require , there is such big amount of power places full of electromagnetism energy , that work as a portal for the spirit.

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We know how important it is for you to process and integrate these ceremonies and experiences so maybe you would like your own space with much more comfort and privacy. You can choose some of our favorite places in the Sacred Valley of the Incas to spend the night according to your comfort and lifestyle, Here our recommendations just contact us to give you the prices per night and for weeks of stay in our Sanctuaries for the soul.

Home Stay

Our home is located in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas between Urubamba and Calca in Pata Pata community where a beautifull waterfall is located , at the base on the slopes of the sacred Pitusiray mountain, a mountain that projects the shadows of the Inca  Once a year every equinox. If you want to stay with our family,  it is the most economical and friendly method for making a friendship with us. We have a small green area, bathroom, hot water, kitchen, living room, music instruments, we live with a huge Pyrenean Alps dog called Uku is a good guide and companion, and our cat Leonina  very tiny and playful, we have a comfortable room available for our hosts! in this way you will enrich your knowledge as much as you can since we will be at our own house ,  this is also a way how to experience real local life in the Andes of Cusco during your program, this is an advantage  in some way , but if you are looking for your own space we also have other options  that we can suggest you


Samadhi  receive different people in all walks of life, Samadhi’s facilities are fully-equipped, and centered on the theme of the 7 chakras: areas dedicated to meditation and art, a multifunction room, a yoga deck with a dazzling view of the sacred valley, ample storage, an organic garden where you can learn about the qualities of plants that are native to the area, and around the Andes Mountains.  Samadhi provides  an adequate space for you and your tribe to be immersed and focus on your individual goals.  contact us  to give you more info  about Samadhi if you want to do a retreat here with Entheogens Peru

Munaysonqo yoga retreat

Munay Sonqo Retreat and Yoga Center is the premier yoga and transformational retreat center in the Sacred Valley, Peru. Munay Sonqo provides an epic setting to all who are aspiring to spiritual transformation, personal development, and connection to the natural world. Nestled in an oasis of native plants and fruit trees and held by the power of the surrounding mountains, Munay Sonqo offers a place to connect to the incredible depth and beauty that nature offers, supporting your retreats, trainings and workshops to be a profoundly nurturing and unforgettable experience.

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Raices Incas retreat center

Raices Retreat & Spa in Sacred Valley Cusco Peru offers a variety of unique accommodations scattered across lush landscaped grounds, each nestled amidst verdant gardens with stunning panoramic views.  a unique destination for rejuvenating yoga and wellness retreats in The Sacred Valley of Peru. Dedicated to healing the mind, body & spirit, Raices welcomes individuals and groups to enjoy its amazing mountain top location, two yoga halls with spectacular views.Everything about this place is purely magical. The grounds are impeccable featuring fruit, herbs, and flowers. The food is cooked with love and extremely delicious. The units offer breathtaking views. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. It is a retreat center of a lifetime!

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raices incas 4
Habitacion Tambo
raices incas retreat
sonqomunay yoca retreat

We need a 50% deposit of the total cost in order to secure a reservation. This is easily and safely transferable by Paypal. This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

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